Monday, 20 March 2017

Sylvain's Challenge - Time well wasted!

Everything went according to plan, although I painted only half of what I did last year. Then I painted about two and a half shelves worth of miniatures, but only one and a third this year. I blame it on the abrupt ending of my sabbatical.

In the picture below, I have a bunch of 15mm Soviets (1), the heavy core of the Hochseeflotte (2) and the same for the Grand Fleet (3). I will need about as many smaller units before I can organize a Jutland campaign, but in the meantime the Regina wargaming group will have the opportunity to practice maneuvering WW1 fleets.

This is a picture of me, from the perspective of the miniatures exposed in my glass cabinet. Now that they are painted, they are all eager to experience their first battle on the table top.

Before signing off, many thanks to all my fellow painters, who inspire me to finish a few projects every year, many thanks to the minions, for their indispensable work behind the scene, and finally to Curt, for another successful Challenge: Bravo! C'était formidable!




  1. Excellent output! I like your cabinet, wish I had some space at home

  2. You had a great Challenge again Sylvain :)

  3. Looking happy with the results! Great stuff. cheers

  4. Nice additions to the collection Sylvain and see you next Challenge!